Erasmus page.

Collegio Griziotti is a university college housed in a building in Via Tavazzani 58, in a North-East district of Pavia.
The college hosts about 80 students, including bachelor and master degree students, single-cycle degree students, foreign students participating in the ERASMUS programme, PhD and post-graduate students.
Accommodation in the college can be requested through an application published in the institutional website of EDiSU (except for the three guestrooms, which are handled by the bursar of Collegio Griziotti).

Structures and services.

The building is surrounded by a large garden and a courtyard with pic-nic tables and a bicycle parking area (bicycles – students’ own ones or those borrowed from the bicycles sharing service offered by the college – can also be parked in the garage inside the building). Personal cars, instead, can be parked in the large free car park just outside the college.
The reception is open from 7:00 am to 12:00 am from Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 11:00 on Saturday. It is closed on Sunday and public holidays. Collegio Griziotti is a mixed college, composed by single (16) and double (37) rooms, each equipped with a bathroom and a kitchenette. A shared laundry room with an industrial washing machine and tumble dryer can be used on booking from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm.
Apart from the residential area, the college offers a variety of services, starting from the computer room (each student is anyway provided with a wireless internet access) with a scanner and a printer. There are two common macro areas, a didactic and a recreation one. The first is composed by 4 study rooms and an extensive library with 20 seats and containing over 1.500 books. The recreation area consists of a large “Sala Comune”, where students can relax and be involved in leisure activities such as tennis table, foosball and table games. In the “Sala Comune” there are also vending machines for food and beverages, available for free breakfast from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm. The “Sala Comune” leads into a TV room with a television and a DVD player, a training room with gym equipment and a fully digitalised music room with various instruments.

Life in the college.

A primary objective for Collegio Griziotti is students’ own university education. During their university career, students are supported in achieving their learning goals through different initiatives promoted by the college. The educational offer of Collegio Griziotti, in fact, includes a free tutoring service, managed by the students themselves, and a Didactic Commettee, born to guide students in their work.
But Collegio Griziotti does not only mean university study. The college is a place where students can build and live authentic relationships. College experience is a real growth path for youngsters who move away from their family to face university life. Numerous values are taught here, first of all the respect for difference, given the different origins of students, who come from all over Italy, as well as foreign students participating in the ERASMUS programme. Collegio Griziotti is also a meeting point between generations that are willing to share their knowledge and values.
The college gives students the chance to be employed in several and differentiated activities, such as sport, cultural and recreational events: all useful to gain experience, learn to take responsibility and develop one’s own skills, and in the meantime benefitting the entire community. Sport events (competitions of basketball, volleyball, soccer, canoe, cross country running, between colleges), for example, are highly appreciated and supported by Collegio Griziotti.
Worth of mention are the periodical cultural events promoted by the rector of the college, helped by the active contribution of the students themselves. These consist of book presentations, musical courses, conferences and meetings with professional figures, intended to help college students to understand the world of work. A very popular event was a musical context organised in 2017 in order to select the band that would have played in the annual college party.